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Relaxed Dog Grooming                 

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Dog Grooming will be fun and stress free for your pets when they come to Show Me Paws! 

Show Me Paws is a calm and stress free grooming environment.  Unlike most other big name grooming salons where dogs are groomed in an assembly line type situation.  Pre-cut, wait, bathed and dried, usually a long wait, then finish cut.  During those long "waits" dogs are usually caged and alone and dare I say scared.

Show Me Paws dogs are taken in on an appointment only basis.  Most of the time, your dog will be the only dog in the grooming room.  This gives me the opportunity to give your dog 100% attention the whole time during their grooming! We bathe together, dry together, and get a great haircut together!  Your dog and I will become great friends.  My grooming room is small so I can only have a very limited number of furry friends at a time.  Soo...because it's small... It's important pick-up times be done on time. 

Sometimes our times won't always match up.  Not a problem!  Show Me Paws is Located inside Paws for Play daycare. Your dog can come play and then go home tired. clean and fresh!

Nothing is better than a clean and tired dog!  

Please call or text to make an appointment.


if I don't answer your call I will return it! Many times my hands are soapy or I'm using the dryer and don't hear my phone.